Friday, February 1, 2013

Prologue: Facing the Storm


This will be the last prologue it seems, I'm not going to lie I'm terrified.

But then again I am really, really keyed up right now. (Why, L?) Oh, nothing much, just this thing called ScholarX. The university I want to go to has a one stop shop per say for school provided scholarships, and in order to apply for all available scholarships you have to apply through a thing called ScholarX. Now, I’ve known this for a while but I am a bit of a procrastinator so I have been putting this off until the day for “priority consideration” at 11 to really start finishing it up. And so I am fairly certain there are so many errors in it, and on top of that, I apparently have to get two recommendation letters from people. And I had to provide an email address for these people, and so I put down my voice teacher, (which reminds me I need to send her an email) and a family friend who has known me since I was little. I’m fairly sure that the family friend has a different email address now, so we will see I guess, if that actually works or if I am just totally screwed. I feel like I just totally ruined any hope for college -_- that was truly, the most stressed I have ever been in my life. I am still shaking.


Anyway, so now I will embark upon these 14 weeks of change. Hopefully all good. I know I had said I would start this on Monday when I first started out but the truth is my mom works from home on Mondays so I will probably just do a little Tabata Monday and then the routine Tuesday.

Now, for those of you like me, have forgotten what’s going to be happening (like me) then I will find it and put it in here for you (not the whole 14 weeks just the first week):

Complete the following in one session 3-5 times a week:
• 5 minute stretch/warmup
• 2 minute sit-up/push-up intervals
• 5 minute walk
• 1 minute jog
• 5 minute walk
• 1 minute jog
• 3-5 minute walk
• 2 minute stretch

Yay, so now we know what I will be doing next week. (Along with going to see my high school’s play, Legally Blonde since I have a dear friend who is now exhausted from working so hard on the dang thing) Can you believe that he has been at the school till close to 12 every night for at least the past week working on making sure everything will work and stuff (I don’t know all the details of what it is he does) I have to say, watching the play previews, I think it will be quite good (fingers crossed)

Oh and today I went with a group of kids from my school to do something called "Groundhog Job Shadow Day" and I got to go to Best Buy and learn some of the cool stuff that goes on there, and I have to say it seems like an awesome place to work and I have already submitted an application for an interview (wish me luck on this one) because if I get to work there, Best Buy has a program called tuition reimbursement, which essentially means that if you are an employee at Best Buy and you go to college, they will reimburse your tuition (I'm sure there are probably limits and conditions, but hey any help is help and very welcome). So now I have 4 rounds of interviews to weather, and hope for the best. 

Oh lord, speaking of weathering stuff. I am so nervous about my audition now, since I totally botched my ScholarX thing I'm so afraid of what will happen with the school of music, and I dont know what to do, I'm just so stressed about it. *breathe, L, breathe* anyway, I believe it is about time for me to go, I have quite the headache and my hands are still shaking so I'm going to go to sleep and hopefully all the stress will be gone by the time I wake up in the morning. 

Much Love,
L <3

PS I don't really have a song this week *le epic gasp* I know, I know, its a shock and a disappointment but I'm afraid you will have to survive. I suppose if I was going to talk about one that at least came up fairly often this week it would be Nicki Minaj's Roman's Revenge because the weather was cold and when I would breathe out I could see my breath so me and my friends would be like "Dragon Breath! Ahhhhhhhhh" and the ahhhh is us breathing out. I have to warn you tho that its not the most appropriate song, as a matter of fact its a terrible song, but you are warned. I'm pretty sure you'll figure out if you listen to it why it kept coming up...but yea its an explicit song so be warned.