Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey Y’all,

I have reached a milestone in my time away from writing to you, I have now lost a total of 15 pounds, and the number is dropping weekly. I feel fantastic, it is amazing being able to put on clothes that used to cut into me as I was…increasing…and now I can put them on and they are a little bit loose even! Granted, I don’t want to get to cocky about all this and then have it not work out…but I really do feel good. And I am 3 pounds away from losing ten percent of my bodyweight, which Charlie says is a good thing, and I will trust him on that as he’s been working much more diligently on his program than I have mine.

Also, I no longer have prom date. It turns out we were both just bending to make each other happy and in the process not happy at all, so now I am again, prom dateless. (any handsome charming musical men, out there need a date? Eh?) just kidding.

I am also thinking of writing a book. A character by the name of Coda Storm has been flouncing about in my head and I feel like I won’t be able to rest easy again until I give him the history he deserves.  But that is a project I am largely going to do in my free time so depending on how much free time I have, depends on how long it will take me to work him out of my system.

That is all, my lovelies, I hope y’all have a Happy Easter.

Much Love,

P.S. Another song, by the amazing P!nk, from her latest album which is my jam.
Anyway, here it is: Timebomb

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prologue: Still In Port

Hello Y'all

I feel like an awful person, I haven't written in several weeks and I can't lie and tell you that I've been exercising because I just kind of took over and hasnt released me at this point and I dont know what is going to happen yet with the 14 weeks. I guess I have *sort of* been exercising if you want to call it that. I've been doin Tabata at least once a week when I get the chance but thats really about it. but I have dropped a little weight, so I guess a little progress is better than nothing. 

I got into a huge issues where school wasnt my priority...and I realize now...that was a mistake, so now I've spent the past few weeks scrambling to make up for the slide in grades that happened while I wasnt trying. Which is really hard because senioritis is setting in really hard now that it is the second half of the second semester. But I just gotta keep pushing through it and muscle my way through a Pre-Calculus class that hates my guts. 

My Sam Houston School of Music Audition was at the end of February, and that went well, I should hear the results in a couple days. Also, my Solo & Ensemble competition for my school was this past weekend. I got a 1 on my Ensemble and an Outstanding on my Solo (heh, yea thats right, I got that skill) just kidding, but really, I'm so proud of how hard I worked on it, and I think I really deserved it this year, I've worked on this song and loved on it for the past I dont even know how many months. 

Also, by the way...I got asked to prom :) yay! So, that little bit of worry is done, and I have a date with a sweetheart who is just like me. And by just like me, I mean he is awkward, cranky, arrogant of his craft, and did I mention awkward? Lol, we are gonna have a great time, I know it. 

So yea, that is a brief summary of what has happened in my absence. Now I'm back, and will hopefully be posting again but I dont know when I will start 14 weeks because school is still going on. It might have to wait until summer. We will just have to see. 

Much Love

So the song this time is Just A Kiss because its just an awesome song and it has been on repeat on my iPod for the past week and a half and I love it so much.

P. S. I want to apologize again for the wait, this has been way to long in the coming, And I feel so bad that I have kept you all waiting this long :(