Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prologue: Passing Tides

Hi Y'all!

So, It's been another week, and still no start on my program (I feel awful having to say that, but I still have a funky throat thing going on). I'm going to give myself another week to recover and another week after that to really get my head into it, so hopefully as long as I can get well I will have some better news come two weeks from now.

For now, though, let me tell you about this week. This week has been a large improvement over last, it was midterm week so I would finish my midterm finals and then be out of school by 11-ish everyday (how awesome is that) which I mostly spent here at home on the computer doing nothing, *but* on Friday we had no school at all and I spent the latter half of the day cleaning up my room and making it habitable again. Which means, two full days of laundry (woo). which I am halfway through completing. I still have a good four or five loads left.

Speaking of laundry, yesterday I spent my day doing it, and that means a lot of waiting for the machines to buzz so I spent most of my day watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs. Anyway so now I have a lot of clean clothes and you can actually see my floor in my room which is quite an accomplishment if you knew how bad it was before.

I'm not sure if I actually got around to saying it or if it was part of the post that got deleted, but I most definitely recommend seeing Les Miserables in theaters, it is wow so amazing. One of the best movies I have ever seen. But I don't wanna give to much away  to much, just go see it, it is definitely worth it. I have seen it three times already and I would still go see it again, in fact I have plans with a friend to go do that exact thing in the next few days.

It's kinda late tho and I had a rather long day today at a family friends wedding ceremony (Congrats Kathryn and Clayton!)  so I am going to go, and leave y'all with well wishes for this week and a great song from Les Mis: Stars

Much Love,
L <3

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