Monday, January 14, 2013

Prologue: Annoying Coughs

Hey, I want to apologize first that this is coming two days late. My saturday was...trying. To say the least.

I had a really difficult and long week last week and not because my muscles were sore. 'Cause they weren't. 'Cause I didnt start...I'm sorry :(

So y'all know I had the flu right? Well the flu is gone, I'm not contagious but for some reason this awful cough clings to me and refuses to release my poor throat and let me speak/breathe normally. So running is kinda out of the question. Trust me, I did it friday just because I had to let off some steam because it had been a really trying day and I ended up having to sleep for 3 hours afterward and then lay in bed another hour after that trying to stop coughing.

Anyway. So if your reading because of the 14 weeks project you might as well stop now, I do not know when I will start it, but it will definitely be after I'm well again.

So, Saturday was...interesting to say the least. I was in saturday school. Which if you dont know what that is it's essentially detention for when they think your not getting the picture, since you've had to many after school detentions. Anyway, so I was sitting in saturday school repenting for the grave sin of tardiness, and I had typed up an entry for y'all that was well over a thousand words the last time I looked, and I was quite witty and charming in it (if I do say so myself, which I do lol) and had signed off with a heart and everything.

Then once I was done writing I still had a few hours left to blow and I had already spent the first couple hours doing schoolwork, so I minimized Word and powered up good old google chrome and started looking at pictures of my little pony (dont judge, its a good show) when the saturday school teacher shuts down my laptop remotely because apparently my little pony is not a school appropriate website. So all my hard work, the whole entry I had for you was gone. Kaput.

And I had had a really long week (being sick really pisses me off for some reason) so I wasnt in the most happy state of mind when this happened, and it just made me give up, I closed down my laptop and just wanted to go home and cry. But I didn't, and here I am trying again and saving every two minutes so that if something happens I dont lose it all again, (I dont think I could make myself try this again, I would put a hole in my computer).

I hope y'alls week was better than mine was.

On the brightside, since I cant be out running I have been sitting home on my computer and fiddling around with a program called Inkscape, and have gotten really good at making vectors of my My Little Pony OC (original character) which...when I type it out like that and see it, sounds positively pathetic.

The song this week that really hit my mood on the head is Ready To Go by Panic! At the Disco, because quite frankly I am so beyond ready to be done being sick so that I can GO!

Hope y'all have a good week

Much Love,


  1. Hi there! I hope you start feeling better soon. This flu is a mean one. I had bronchitis and it's taking a very long time to recover, but then again, I'm old. That sucks that they can shut down your laptop remotely; that shouldn't be allowed. Anyway, here's wishing you a speedy full recovery! I look forard to reading about your progress. Cheers! Sally

    1. thank you so much :) and I agree it sucks about the remote control, but since we are allowed to have the laptops they have to be able to monitor them somehow. But, c'est la vie, that's how high school goes lol

  2. Sorry you had the flu - that's sucky. Instead of running while the coughing is keeping you down, try walking the route. You are moving, just not as stressful to a system not up to par, but with some benefit.

    As far as remote shutdown and Word... there should be an option to automatically save every so often so you don't have to try and remember to do it yourself. I believe you can make it save as often as every minute. It would be under the "options" menu. The best thing to do would be to open a doc, name it and put it where you want it on your computer so it's easy to find, then work on it and let auto save do its thing.

    Another option (or even something you may want to consider for things you want to keep safer) is either dropbox or evernote. I don't know if your school allows you to use either of those things, but they are both cloud based so if you write things and store them on either service you won't lose it if you either lose the computer, the computer hard drive dies, or it gets shut down.

    Also, it's always best to close any document you aren't working on at the moment so it doesn't get changed or corrupted simply by being open while you're doing other things. You could leave Word open, just close the actual doc.

    All of the above will help keep you from losing stuff you've spent a long time working on. :) Feel better soon.

    1. Thank you :) I hadn't thought of walking it, thats a great idea. And the Word they have installed on the school laptops doesn't allow autosave. Nor are we able to install any of the other cloud applications. They have to many Big Brother restrictions for that.