Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prologue: Rocking The Boat

Hey! (Sorry this is late, lots of stuff going on and I never got around to getting back on and hitting "Publish")

So I told y'all that I wouldn't be starting until after next Saturday, and that still holds, BUT I do have some progress to report (finally lol) I am happy to report that I sit now in a gym, Pure Fitness for Women as it were and am about to pay a small 9.95 for month to month no contract membership. Granted its quite possible that it is not what it seems and they will attempt to rope me into something that I either can't afford or don't want to pay. I most literally brought a total of 11 bucks with me in my wallet so if they try anything I can just say, "sorry" and walk out. I guess we will find out later whether or not this is worth my while. And of course it's not but I think I kind of expected as much.

But continuing... It would seem that my college auditions are coming near (Yikes!) which means I have a couple of pieces to learn. One of them I really only need to brush up on as it was in fact my Solo and Ensemble piece last year. It's called Apr├Ęs Un Reve it is in French and it is about a loved one you've lost and how dreams can bring them back to you in a sense. And if I must say (with all due humility) I sound pretty damn good when I sing it. And then the second one, titled Majo Discreto, is a great song about mi majo (sweetheart) and the secret he guards a secret that is indiscreet and only between a sweat heart and his woman (wink, wink) lol it's a great fun Spanish song that just makes you want to smile.

Yea so college auditions coming soon, and I'm signed up to take the ASVAB at my school come March, so that aspect is rolling right along as well, well...as much as it can.

Now onto a topic that is as relevant to all seniors as it is not relevant to the rest of the worlds population. Prom. (Wow!) so now I I officially have a group and love most of these people and have been friends with them the whole of my high school life...two of them though...not so much. But not a lot I can do about it, except get a date and tolerate the frienemies from hell. So if there is any devastatingly gorgeous (or not) 18-21 yr old who reads this and is willing to be my date, that would be awesome ;) lol I'm kidding but yea stress central on the way.

Anyway not a whole lot else going on this week, hope y'all had a great week

Much love,

L <3

PS: How Come You're Not Here by P!nk is the song that I've had on repeat when I am alone in the car this week.

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